Meet the Team!

Dr. Riley Bove


Riley Bove, MD, MMSc

Dr. Bove is a Harvard-trained neurologist and anthropologist who is passionate about the intersection between social experiences and brain health. Through GTS, she strives to deliver specialized neurological care to underserved communities in many areas of the globe. 




Dr. Felicia Chow


Felicia Chow, MD

Dr. Chow is a neuro-infectious diseases specialist dedicated to improving health outcomes for patients with neurological disorders worldwide. She directs the neuro-infectious diseases center at UCSF and is involved in global health education and mentorship for neurology trainees interested in the field of global health, coordinating international experiences for residents and supporting the development of their scholarly projects.  




Dr. Jon VanLeeuwen


Jon VanLeeuwen, PhD

Dr. VanLeeuwen is a neuroscientist that works at the intersection of science and policy, with experience working on domestic and global health issues. He is passionate about advancing neurological health worldwide and using technology to reach underserved communities.




Jalayne Arias, JD, MA


Jalayne Arias, JD, MA

An Assistant Professor of Neurology in the UCSF Memory and Aging Center, and an Atlantic Fellow at the Global Brain Health Institute, Ms. Arias’ research examines the legal and ethical challenges in Alzheimer’s and dementia. Ms. Arias integrates empirical legal, qualitative, and health services research methods to better understand the legal and ethical challenges that are inherent to dementia care.



Erica Schleimer


Erica Schleimer

Erica is a web developer who is interested in health information technology, and making great care accessible to everyone around the world, through innovative technical solutions.




Andrew Barnecut


Andrew Barnecut

Andrew is a graphic and user interface designer who seeks to advance the public perceptions of science in medicine. He is passionate about raising awareness to important work being done in the sciences, showcasing it's relevancy, and ultimately making these advances accessible to all.