Multiple Sclerosis Research Group

MS Laboratory Research 
This is not a comprehensive list. 

Akassoglou Lab - axon immunobiology
Baranzini Lab - systems biology and bioinformatics
Bove Lab - new strategies and targets to promote neurological recovery, including through digital technologies and hormonal modulation
Chan Lab - neuronal/glial interactions that control myelination
Fancy Lab - Cellular mechanisms regulating developmental myelination and the remyelination repair process following injury.
Green Lab - MS, optic neuritis, neuromyelitis optica, and related disorders
Henry Lab - neuroradiology
Hollenbach Lab - immunogenetics
Oksenberg Lab - MS genetics and functional genomics
Pleasure Lab - neurogenesis and oligodentritics biology
Wilson Lab - neuro-infectious diseases and neuroimmunology
Zamvil Lab - neuroimmunology

MS Research Group

Ari Green, MD, MCR, Division Chief (neuro-ophthalmology)
Katerina Akassoglou (axon immunobiology)
Sergio Baranzini (gene expression)
Riley Bove (neurological recovery and digital medicine)
Jonah Chan (oligodendrocyte biology)
Bruce Cree (genetics and NMO)
Steve Fancy (oligodendrocyte biology)
Jeffrey Gelfand (neuroimmunology and sarcoidosis)
Douglas Goodin (clinical MS research)
Jennifer Graves (wearable biosensor and sex differences in neurological disease)
Stephen Hauser (neuroimmunology)
Roland Henry (radiology)
Jill Hollenbach (Immunogenetics)
Jorge Oksenberg (genetics)
Sam Pleasure (neurobiology and differentiation)
Emmanuelle Waubant (pediatric MS)
Michael Wilson (neuro-infectious diseases and neuroimmunology)
Scott Zamvil (immunology)