Ari J. Green, MD, MCR - Division Chief

The Multiple Sclerosis Center at UCSF

UCSF Regional Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Center of Excellence


Christy Sheehy, PhD, delivers her talk “The Eye: A Window Into Our Brain,” which won the runner-up and People’s Choice awards at the second annual Postdoc Slam competition. Photo by Susan Merrell

Division of Neuroimmunology

Katerina Akassoglou, PhD
Sergio Baranzini, PhD
Riley Bove, MD
Jonah Chan, PhD
Laura Cocas, PhD
Bruce Cree, MD, PhD, MCR
Alessandro Didonna, PhD
Jeffrey Gelfand, MD
Douglas Goodin, MD
Jennifer Graves, MD, PhD
Ari J. Green, MD, MCR
Stephen L. Hauser, MD
Roland Henry, PhD
Jill Hollenbach, PhD
Jorge Oksenberg, PhD
Nico Papinutto, PhD
Samuel Pleasure, MD, PhD
Amy Schwartzburg RN, CNP
Jon-Eric VanLeeuwen, PhD
Emmanuelle Waubant, MD, PhD
Timothy West, MD
Michael Wilson, MD
Odessa Yabut, PhD
Scott Zamvil, MD, PhD


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Clinical Trials and Other Research (not a comprehensive list)